Continuing with our traditions, It is born “TENACE”, the Italian craft Bitter signed “About ten”; our philosophy consists in enhancing the aromas and flavors of our creations.

We have chosen many herbs, spices and citrus fruits already used for our liquors and spirits to create a unique Bitter of its kind left with its natural color.

The amaricant notes of Tenace recall those of CINICO and ECCENTRICO liquor with the addition of gentian, absinthe and artichoke.
We keep the balsamic and spicy notes choosing them among our most used spices.

The citrus Fruits are all Italian; they are the same used in “Greedy Gin” and have been used to refresh the “Tenace Bitter” taste.

The presence of chamomile and rose, accompanied by the balsamic notes of lavander, have the task of harmonizing the bouquet, instead the Tonka bean gives the flavors its warm and vanilla notes.

Tenace Bitter is created with 16 of the most fascinating herbs, spices, flowers and citrus macerated in a pure grain distillate flavored with juniper. It has 25% abv.

For further information, contact us at:
+39 393 9901367

L’Americano Ambrato

1 1/4 oz Eccentrico
1 1/4 oz Vermouth Bianco
Top Tonic Water

About Ten Negroni Twist

1 oz The Greedy Gin
1/2 oz Eccentrico
1 oz Bitter Tenace
Lemon Twist

Tenace Boulevardier

1 oz Bitter Tenace
1 oz Carpano Classico
1 oz bourbon whisky

Tenace Mule

1 1/2 oz Bitter Tenace
1 oz Lime juice
Top Ginger Beer

Tenace Sour

1 1/2 oz Bitter Tenace
1 3/4 oz Lemon Juice
3/4 oz Liquid sugar

La Lussuria

1 oz The Greedy Gin
1 oz Cinico
1 oz Bitter Tenace

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