About Ten, Craft Iialian Liquors and Spirits

The creative spirits of About Ten


The creativity makes the difference

About Ten was founded by Chicco and Dave in 2011, after years of experience in food and beverage. They have always been active as barman and bartender in some of the best bars locally and abroad..
Since 1997, taking advantage of their experience in managing, they have been organising professional training courses, consulting services and banqueting for many local companies at the beginning, for themselves later.

About Ten – What does it mean?

The idea comes out from our products precisely, generally consumed around 10 o’clock p.m. This concept is at the base of our new creation: a focused target for excellent results.

Passion and dedication are the secret ingredients to fulfill our mission: to produce new spirits, new liquors and new elements to make cocktails to launch on the market.